Mom’s Last Will and Testament

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I blogged last year about my Mom’s LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT. It came as a surprise that I was appointed as Administrator of the small estate she left us. We have a 74-hectare land in various areas in Sumilao Bukidnon. 80% of the area was rented by Del Monte Philippines and planted with Pineapples. The remaining 20 % was considered non-arable lots by Del Monte .
I am facing a problem as of now since some non-arable areas where cultivated by some people. Last year, we talked to these persons and told them that the authorization given by my deceased mother were no longer valid. These authorizations were written by my mother in a small sheet of bond paper and with-out her signature. Four of them agreed to have a formal agreement but there is one person who refused to accept the new agreement. I have consulted this matter to our lawyer and also ask the help of Austin Trust Lawyer site . I guess it’s high time for us to settle this matter in court in case the concern still will not appear to our invitation for discussion with the Barangay Officials. Praying this problem will be solved soon.

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