Monitoring to your child’s Facebook Account

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My daughter and I share the same facebook account. I told her to create her own account but she preferred mine since I have friends who often times give her gifts and credits on FB games thinking it is me who’s playing that games.. Lol!

On the other it’s an advantage on our part as parents . I can monitor her facebook activities like the friends she requested to add, the games she plays and other the applications. Last month, my hubby and I were surprised to see that our profile picture was replaced with picture of Lady Gaga. Ouccchhh.. that was the time their class presented a dance number to the tune of Lady G’s song. Sorry to say, I am not a fan of the weird-looking famous singer. Look’s like she undergone Plastic Surgery of Austin for a hundred times. I know it’s just her unique way to express her craft but her image is not a right model to small children. Would you agree with me?

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  1. Hahaha. Anyway, glad that you're sharing your account with your child. I used to tell my younger cousins not to post their personal info on FB. FB should take social responsibility and refrain asking from it's users personal information to protect them from identity theft and other fraud.

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