Our Senior Citizen

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Even before my dear mother died, elderly people have a soft spot in my heart. As a little child, I am very close both to my grand mothers . Every Sunday is a date day either to my father’s place or to my mom’s clan compound. I can vividly remember getting those white hair of my granny which in return earned me Ten Cent each.

My mom was 76 when she died and until now I still miss her. I miss going to the mall with her, eating out and window shopping. I see my mom through an elderly in our church . She’s s 80 years old and still very active in our church activities. Every Sunday I wouldn’t miss shaking hands with her.

How I wish our elderly will have representation in the Congress. I regret that during the National Election last May 2010, votes for Senior Citizen party list were not enough to give them one seat in the Congress. How I wish they could be given the benefits that they deserved. That they could live in an assisted retirement community like the one in Senior Living Dallas.

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