Paul and Chrisanne’s Wedding Tomorrow

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My task as a wedding coordinator is very challenging. Like tonight , it’s already midnight but I am still wide awake preparing things for the wedding tomorrow. While the groom is having his last moment as a bachelor singing at the top of his voice at a KTV and the bride having her early beauty sleep ( Hmmm…I checked their whereabouts minutes ago)…. I am here glued at my laptop.

For the 15 years I have been coordinating wedding, I could say that there are realIy no perfect weddings. There are things ( small as the pins, matches, candles) that are oftentimes overlooked. I have coordinated wedding of singles asian women with foreigner and it is even more harder to make it perfect. Foreigners sometimes can not easily comprehend our Filipino Wedding ceremony which are full of traditions. I pray tomorrow’s wedding would be a wedding with less bloppers . Praying also it will not rain since it will be a garden wedding.

Best wishes Paul and Chrisanne!

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