So busy being a Nurse!

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I have chatted with Philip , my nephew yesterday. It was my first time to get in touch with him since he went to London two years ago. He’s such a sweet guy , handsome and has a stable job working as Nurse in one of the prestige hospital in UK . I really can not believe that until now he is still a certified bachelor. When he was still studying here he was refrained by his mom to get involve into a serious relationship not until he will be able to fulfil his dream of working abroad.

Now he’s ready but according to him time and strength wouldn’t allow it. His schedule is hectic and he joked that he has no time for love! Ooppppss… that can not be! I wanted to see a blue-eyed baby this time… Lol! I suggested him to join chester england singles dating… in this way he can find ways to meeting some friend online. With his very busy schedule… I know this is the best thing to do.

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