To go or Forgo

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The P888 Airphilippines Singapore Airfare is very tempting. Rarely you can avail airline promos on summer that is why I tried to book a trip for May in time for my hubby’s birthday. Problem is mu kids wanted to go with us… we tried to explain it to them that we still do not have a budget for us all to be out of the country. We stressed out that our priority is the renovation of our house thus we have to go only as a couple. My girl cried… I guess she can not comprehend what I was trying to explained to her so … at the end … the booking was not push through. My hubby decided if ever we will go for an Asian trip it should be with the kids.

I am the Campaign Manager

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I am now my brother’s Campaign Manager! LOL!

My brother is running as Councilor this coming local Election and he texted me yesterday to be his spokesman,Wow! I miss politics. Ever since my politician-lawyer father died, I stopped engaging in the politics… much more that I found a much happier ministry in the church.

Last night I spoke in one of their assembly and thank God I made a confident, bold and straight to the heart speech. Although I reside in a different place, the barangay where my brother lives hold a special place in my heart. It was my childhood place and I once became an SK Chairman there. My father hold office as the Chairman for 9 years until his death.

When I finished my short talk, some approached me and told me to go back to their place .. they said I would be a sure winner next election…Lol! No! No! No! Politics is very compromising and I don’t want to compromise my Christianity!