I am the Campaign Manager

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I am now my brother’s Campaign Manager! LOL!

My brother is running as Councilor this coming local Election and he texted me yesterday to be his spokesman,Wow! I miss politics. Ever since my politician-lawyer father died, I stopped engaging in the politics… much more that I found a much happier ministry in the church.

Last night I spoke in one of their assembly and thank God I made a confident, bold and straight to the heart speech. Although I reside in a different place, the barangay where my brother lives hold a special place in my heart. It was my childhood place and I once became an SK Chairman there. My father hold office as the Chairman for 9 years until his death.

When I finished my short talk, some approached me and told me to go back to their place .. they said I would be a sure winner next election…Lol! No! No! No! Politics is very compromising and I don’t want to compromise my Christianity!

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