Incandescent, CFL or LED Bulb?

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While our government is trying hard to phase our Incandescent bulb in the community and orient the people on the advantage of CFL…. Don’t you know that in America and Europe they have shifted from CFL to Light Emitting Diode or LED Bulb? This is how fast technology is nowadays. In France they have this ampoule basse consummation, a site which discuss the advantages of using ampoule or bandeau led against any other bulb.

If you’re out looking for light bulbs for your home, bear in mind few factors that go into differentiating your options like individual bulb price, lifespan, lumens (brightness), and wattage/electricity cost . You must first consider your goals before buying the right bulb to use. Do you want a longest-lasting bulb? Do you want the most efficient bulb?

What do you want? Me? I want to stop changing bulbs for at least 15 years then . Then I must go for the LED Bulbs. The bulb features a lifespan of 60,000 hours versus the CFL’s 10,000 hours and the incandescent bulb’s 1,500 hours. Although the price is higher than CFL but it has a low energy cost thereby making the most cost-efficient one. How about you? What’s your choice?

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