P10 Promo Fare? or Worship? or Family Bonding?

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I opened the Church’s PC yesterday for some printing works of the young people. While waiting for the documents to load, I browsed Cebu Pacific Airline and wow! I was greeted with a P10 or $ 0.25 fare in celebration of 10/10/10. I was tempted to book but the worship was already starting. Shall I book and skip the Praise and Worship? Oh No! I can’t do it…. so I hurriedly went to the sanctuary and forget about the promo.

When the fellowship ended, I rushed to the office thinking of the P10 fare but then my brother who went to church with us invited our family for lunch. While having our lunch my mother-in-law called and requested to accompany her for her facial and other beauty treatment. Inside the parlor, I tried to open my laptop but my gosh! The signal was only one bar! Their were still lots of available P 10 seats but I just can’t get through the final step of booking. When we finally arrive home at 9 pm , all the seats were already taken. Whew! Was 10/10/10 bad luck? Hmmmm….. I guess not. Maybe it is really not time yet for us to travel!

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