Saturday is Cleaning Day!

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Saturday is general cleaning day for us. Although we have a housemaid at home, my hubby and I agreed to train our children with household works so that when they will grow up household works would be easy for them. We decided that upon graduation of our kids from high school, we will no longer engage the services of a house maid to do the works at home. So every Saturday is training day for them.

Today, hubby taught my son basic carpentry works. They repaired our cabinet doors and installed new hinges while me and my girl concentrated on cleaning her room. I taught her today how to use the portable vacuum cleaner that we have just purchased. I checked all her things and guess what? I just found out that school shoes was already torn by the frequent rains and her personalized duffle bag I gifted on her birthday last April was missing. We are still in the middle of the school year but I have to buy new school shoes and this time I will invest on genuine leather shoes. Dale begged for new bag . I guess I have to look for kids backpack too!

Back to our household chores, our kids are easily learning what we taught this morning. Next week we will concentrate on beautifying our lawn. We need to uproot some of our plants and replaced it with new one. We are planning to landscape it as soon as we have the budget . We believe that our home is the reflection of ourselves and the lawn reflects also the inside of the home. Thus we are trying to make it lush and vibrant. We have an idea how to do it from the Dallas lawn maintenance website. Till next week guys!

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