Yahoo Headline : Cebu Pacific Dancing Attendants

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I was about to open my yahoo account today when I saw on Yahoo Headline the familiar attendant outfit. I told myself orange is a common color…. but when I saw the title “ Flight Attendants Synchronized Dance”… I was sure this is Cebu Pacific’s new “gimmick”. I frequently fly with the airline because of it’s promos and deals and I love their in-flight entertainment. In fact, I won 6x already with their bring me games.. Lol!

Yes! In a matter of one day their Viral Video on You tube already gathered 300,000 hits! What’s in the Video? Cebu flight attendants demonstrated to pop hits by Lady Gaga the safety measures inside the aircraft – the proper seatbelt-fastening techniques and life-vest deployment . They then show off their coordinated oxygen-mask-fastening skills and point out the nearest exits .

Cebu City is popular with their DANCING INMATES ( 45 million hits in you tube) … and now comes the DANCING FLIGHT ATTENDANTS.

Watch the Video HERE.

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