Bound for Oriental Negros, Visayas

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Three hours from now, we will be going for a Land Trip to Oriental Negros, Visayas. As much as I wanted to have my well deserved rest.. I can not do so since I have to pack our things for the 5-day official business trip ( at the same time vacation with the kids) . Going to Negros feels like going to an Outer Banks Vacation in the US where you can have obx vacation rentals and just sit back and relax. I hope I can get a good signal from my plug-it type internet connection in the place.

Please pray for our safe travel. Thanks for dropping by and see you around !

Xbox for IJ and Dale

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Thanks to the Black Friday Sale, my sister-in-law in California was able to buy xbox 360 for my kids. For a long time, my teenager has been longing for xbox ( maybe due to peer pressure… his best friend have it) but I do not see it as a priority. Aside from I do not have the budget , I was also worried that he will be hooked playing it. He has a grade to maintain as an academic scholar in High School so my hubby suggested to defer the purchase.

The brand new chrome xbox together with other gift items hopefully will arrive before Christmas… I hope this gadget will be an asset rather than a liability for my kids. What do you think?

Land Trip for 16 hours

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Taking our family on vacation is a great joy! We love to go to different places and explore its tourist spots, savor their food and roam around their malls. Tomorrow, we will explore the province of Oriental Negros to attend the anniversary of our Church in Bayawan City.

To make the most of our trip, we go by land and travel from Cagayan de Oro City , pass through Lanao del Norte, to Ozamis City , drop for awhile at the historical place of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal at Dapitan, then to Dipolog City . From Dipolog, we will take the barge and cross over to Dumaguete City and then to Bayawan City.! We will depart 4 a.m. and will arrive around 8 p.m. Whew! That’s a total of 16 hours .

For now, we will just travel with-in the country . Someday we can have our ultimate dream destination ….. Disney vacations !

My Glamorous Job as Wedding Coordinator

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Aside from my regular work as an Office Administrator, I also coordinate weddings .I love this job because it is exciting ,glamorous, fulfilling and challenging . Coordinating a wedding is like managing a complex event. It has many details from the consultation and planning to the actual wedding ceremony and reception. Some couples are busy enough that even the bridesmaid dresses and the attires of the whole entourage are put into my hands. It is my responsibility to make each part moving along harmoniously. By the grace of God, for the Ten years that I have been doing my job, I could say that I have been doing it satisfactory.