Pacquiao got his 8th belt! Deformed Margarito’s face

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Sunday 11:15 a.m. – the city looked like a ghost town. We just came out from our Sunday Fellowship and were looking for a restaurant or any place with a LIVE streaming of the PACQUIAO – MARGARITO FIGHT. As usual, we went from one place to the other but all seats were taken. So what we did, we just went inside a restaurant even though viewing was on standing position. Thank God, I found a friend who offered us their two extra seats.

Whew! We were hungry already but never mind our food as the fight already started. My hubby and my son were shouting at the top of their voice every punches of Manny Pacquiao. I wanted to upload their pictures here but they begged not to show their big mouth and deformed faces…Lol!

Anyway, as I have blogged before. It was no longer a question WHO WILL WIN? But on what round Pacquiao will knock-out Margarito. Manny, was such a gentleman, for 3x he asked the referee to check Margarito’s eyes. Listen to Manny’s after fight interview and you will see how humble he is.
Margarito is a better fighter than Clottey. Even though he was the underdog, he did not give up until the last round! Manny Pacquiao made him $10 Million richer now! Not bad!