For the love of Art

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( Mom’s Work of Art)

My mom-in-law is simply a lover of Art. Even with the home arrangement, she sees to it that once in a month all of our furniture is rearranged. For her, it’s not only a way to stretch those muscles and put some exercise but also an opportunity to put freshness into our surrounding. She always does not forget to do it or remind us her children to contribute also with the arranging of things. She teaches us things that challenge our minds to think and appreciate art.

Did I mention that she’s a prolific painter? Oh, that’s my mom. And her skills did she taught to her children. My husband won Art’s competition when he’s still in his teens. His mother encouraged him to love art and be good at it. Consider the following my mom painted for the past 30 years that includes country art (a beautiful view of her ancestral home is my favorite), folk art (old paintings of her memories from childhood) and a lot more. One thing I like her to paint for our house is a sheep decor like the one I saw at an Art exhibit of Jesus as the Great Shepherd. That would be a great piece of art hanging on the wall of our living room.