Boracay Vacation

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Ahhhh!…it was one of the most relaxing, most enjoyable vacations we had in the last fifteen years of our marriage. My hubby and I decided to spend my birthday in world famous Paradise Island of Boracay. It was indeed an adventure for both of us visiting the place for the first time. We planned it for six (6) months and we were like newly wed couples on a trip of our lives, he…he…he. I said it was an adventure because we did missed the first flight from Cagayan de Oro to Cebu due to the early morning traffic rush and have to buy another plane ticket (the price is way up high) so we could catch up with our next flight to Boracay. We availed a promotional offer by one Airline Company that gave us an unbelievable ticket price for our flight to Cebu and then to Boracay for our dream vacation.
Upon arriving in the place, we checked in to our hotel and eagerly went for a walk to see the famous white beach of Boracay that stretched 3 kilometers, the bars, restaurants and different stores you can enjoy. We were like being transported to another place, a paradise, a place we dreamed of spending the rest of our lives. The freshness of the air, the beach, the sun, it was just amazing. We decided to try all those adventure packages they offered such as: Snorkeling, parachuting, deep diving, riding an ATV, and many others. We just cannot get enough of the place. We want to extend our vacation time for 15 days! Ha…ha…ha.
Taking a tour around the place, one could not overlook a particular place where guests stay on villas. Yes, villas instead of the usual hotel rooms where we stayed. We even took some pictures of those beautiful villas that offer privacy and the comfort of a home away from home. How we wish we could bring the kids next time we visit the place. I remembered those villas in France and villas in Turkey where my friend and their family spent during one of their trips abroad. Both are working in London and they were given a vacation bonus by their companies.