PCSO Mega Lotto Sole Winner of P741 Million

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PCSO Grand Lotto Frenzy is over. The sole winner with the winning bet number of 11-16-42-47-31-37 is from Olongapo, Zambales. The highest jackpot prize of 741,176,323.30 is highest in PCSO Lotto history.

Wow! What a Lucky guy!

My pieces of advise are :

1. Keep your mouth shut !
2. Get out from the country… criminals are waiting like a roaring lion ready to devour you.
3. Share the remaining P41 Million to Church, Family and Friends ( but that could be later… maybe 6 months later)
4. Spend your money wisely. No need to invest as investment may lead to bankruptcy .
5. With your 700 Million at the bank, it will earn you a monthly interest of 2 million which I guess is enough with your living expenses.
6. Remain your feet on the ground. Always acknowledge God as the giver of this blessing so that you can have a peaceful life.

Our Home Theater

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There’s nothing like settling into the deep soft seats of a movie house and spending enjoyable hours watching a movie with your hubby and kids, except that it is now costly to do it regularly. Because of this, my hubby and I decided to recreate the experience at home in our own home theater seating. We have already a 32” Led TV, HD Player and a woofer speaker. What is lacking is a new couch to complete the home theater seating. I have seen a love seat in a show room last week, I might as well include it for more intimate feeling..Lol!

Extreme Engineering

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I love watching Extreme Engineering on Discovery Channel. As a Civil Engineer by profession , I’s my way of updating myself on the latest technology in the Construction Industry. I love to see their futuristic on-going engineering projects. Watching the show is like virtually driving through Boston’s bug dig, holding back the North Sea and tunneling through the Alps. In the “Living at the Sky” episode, I was amazed to see steel buildings built in such a short time using state-of-the-art equipments.Whew! Wish I could work in one of these construction companies!