Biking as Fat Burner

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This morning my hubby woke me up and told me that we would exercise. What he had in mind is for us to go biking. I’m a bit anxious to do it since I haven’t use a bicycle for the past 29 years! I still remember those carefree days of my youth where I used to spend the day bicycling. But this morning I was able to do only 2 rounds biking at our subdivision’s circumferential… Whew! I realized I could no longer survive an hour of biking! I guess I need to practice more so as to lose a few pounds . Also I am looking for fat burner to aid in getting rid of my flabby tummy. Any suggestion girls?

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  1. They say that cinnamon helps, but it does not seem to have helped me. My husband would like to bike, but I have not done so since age 5. I told him I would do it only if he got me a bike with training wheels — he is quite opposed to that.

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