The Importance of Family Bonding

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Indeed it is so easy to get caught up into the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Sometimes we lose track of the more important things at home. Our lives are so preoccupied with work, attending meetings and joining social gatherings. We are oftentimes burnt-out of energy that we could no longer spend quality time to those who matter the most , to those who were supposed to be the reason why we worked so hard, the most important part of our lives – our family.Hubby and I once attended a parenting seminar and below are some few good suggestions on how you can afford to reserve more time for our family :

1. Good communication and understanding is the foundation for building trust in relationships. Make good use of the dinner table for all family conversations but never lay on the table negative thoughts. There is another venue for that.

2. Telling our loved ones “ I love you” with a kiss before you leave to begin your working day makes a world of difference. It will surely reinforce the strength of your relationship with them and reminds them of your commitment to them.

3. Laughter is the best medicine- sit down and share a few jokes with elderly members of the family. Life is too short to keep all of the good stuff bottled up inside, open yourself up and spread this joy.

4. Make time to bond with your kids by just being with them. Bonding with kids does not always require a lot of money. Going to parks, malls or going down to their level  you will be able to monitor their online activities  at home or at the internet café. Childhood memories are the best times of our lives, so make the most out of the precious time that you have to spend with your kids

5. Do not bring your work at home, it will surely ruin your family day.

6. Remember the saying “ The Family that PRAY together… stay TOGETHER” indeed is true. A family that love and fear the Lord has the greater chance to bond together.

There are countless of ways for a family to bond together. Above are just the few I remember from the seminar we attended 2 years ago. The bottom line is that we must sharing a positive outlook with those around you, and they’ll emulate and redirect this back to you in the same way.

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