Light a House, Tree and Street

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Last night we installed Christmas Lights in response to the project of our subdivision dubbed as “ Light a house, Light a tree and Light a Street”. Thanks to the effort of the newly elected Homeowners Association officers , the subdivision became alive due to various outdoor Christmas decorations . The project will be officially launched first day of December with a program.

The officers instructed the homeowners to buy only the original Christmas lights from reputable malls to prevent the risk of electric shocks and fire outbreaks. Christmas Lights should be un-plugged as early as 10 pm or as soon as the household members goes to sleep.I pray everybody will be able to adhere to the instructions.

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  1. Christmas – its the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas decors makes Christmas more exciting. I'm looking forward to that big day.

    By the way, Fe of Fe's Journey of Life, refers me to you. I want to ask about domain. Okay ba magpurchase sa blogger lang than godaddy? How long have you been using your domain name? how much? for a year na ba ang subscription.


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