Reduncy of charges at FICCCO

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I am currently here at the office of FICCCO attending the Loan Briefing. While waiting for the one-on-one personally interview, I took the time to update my blog.

The assertive me can not help but to ask questions regarding some redundancy of member’s insurance deduction and the service fee which is too high at 2.75%. Ficcco should review their Petty Cash insurance deduction. I expressed my view that Petty cash should not be deducted with Loan Insurance since the duration is short. The loan also is already insured since any delayed payment will be automatically deducted from the savings. The 2.75% service fee also is too big . I suggest to have a bracket depending on the loan amount. Like for application, the Service Charge would amount to P 6,800.00 for a loan of P 250,000.00. Service Charge should be fixed since the service rendered for a loan of P 10,000 and a loan of P250,000.00 is just the same. I guess I have to attend the General Assembly this coming March 2011 for my voice to be heard. What do you think?

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