Painting Through Your PC

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Can you imagine the evolution of Art today? My mother-in-law is a prolific painter. With the masterful stroke of her hand, she can transform a simple of ply board to a masterpiece in just a week. From abstract to reality-based paintings, she did many works on different themes. A lover or Arts and music, she loves to play the piano and had her paint gallery and exhibition at the age of 70. You can see her works displayed in Universities, hospitals and offices here in our place and neighboring places. However, have you heard of the terms “ Patterns – The Art of Pieceful Imaging ”? This is something new to me. I guess technology has done a revolution on Art that even neophytes like me could paint a masterpiece using the PC! Wow! How I love to try it! I’ve seen it in YouTube and you will be amazed at how technology enhanced Art.

The picture above are samples of finished patterns created with SegPlay. This product offers two amazing feature which allows a user to create wonderful results with these paint by number patterns: 1) a high number of pieces to color in and 2) a customized color palette. Users can freely download the program as shareware—with a limited number of patterns, textures, and features—on a ten-day trial. The program can then be upgraded to the full version by purchasing SegPlay® PC and have access to a wide assortment of add-on pattern sets at their Kagi store.

How do I purchase Segmation? Is what I am thinking now? I’d like to try my hand on this. I’m sure my hubby would be amazed by my work of art and I am planning to surprise him with this one. I’d like to check on the Products – The Art of pieceful Imaging and see what could they offer more. I am excited on this one!

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