PCSO Mega Lotto Frenzy

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The Philippines is now in nationwide frenzy, more and more people are joining the long lines of lotto outlets nationwide . Why? Because the winner of the Grand Lotto could take home the full amount of almost P700 million jackpot price ( and it’s tax free. ) It is the talk of the town, in every zone, barangay and city. I have been to the bank yesterday and everybody were talking about how they would spend the money in case they will be the lucky winner . I just laugh hearing their day dreams .. Lol!The unimaginable real money slots and wide media coverage have resulted in record number of people playing the mega-lotto. Last week Vilma Santos, a multi-awarded actress and governor in Batangas said that she has started betting on the Mega Lotto since the  jackpot prize reached P 500 Million . I read from the internet that Senator Miguel Zubiri as been sending his driver to buy him lotto tickets over the past weeks. The rich and the poor alike have caught the lotto fever. There is widespread compulsion to play, including people who normally would not engage in gambling like Priest, Pastors and other religious people tend to run to PCSO outlets .
The difference is that the rich who use only their disposable incomes in playing the lottery but the poor used their hard earned money who look at the game as their way out of poverty. I’ve heard from the news that Eastern Samar Representative filed a resolution directing the House committee on games and amusements to investigate “the rationale of the system, play rules and conduct of the mega lotto draws, and its widespread effect on people to compulsively play the game, and recommend appropriate legislation.”

Half of the Philippine population is below the poverty line .Millions and millions of people in the Philippines are doing what they can to make their lives easier and prosperous but to no avail and lotto seemed to be their hope of alleviating their lives from poverty. But what is a persons chances in winning in this real ? I was curious about it so I surfed the answer online. For the Mega lotto, a statistician computed it as one in 28,989,675 . This means 28,989,675 is the total number of 6-digit combination . Buying 2 tickets bumps your chances only to 2 in 28,989,675. The chances is so slim yet everyone who are flocking the lotto outlet believed that they gonna win !

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