Slots at Tagaytay

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We had a time of our lives. Going to Manila for a week of vacation as a family was our first time. The excitement in the eyes of our kids is clearly seen when they jumped up and down as we were boarding the plane for the 1 hour and 30 mins ride from Cagayan de Oro City to Manila. My hubby’s sister and her family were there to pick us up from the airport to their place in Cavite. While in Manila we made stop-overs for shopping at Mall in Asia and Divisoria ,visiting historical places like the Intramuros ( a famous Spanish garrison) , Luneta Park where our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal was executed . The children’s joy and excitements doubled up when we visited the Manila Zoo and the Ocean Park.

Part of that trip was to visit famous places and tourist spots in Tagaytay, Cavite and Laguna. We had a magnificent view of Taal Volcano in Tagaytay and visited the peoples park built by the late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos. My sister-in-law and her husband surprised us making a right turn to a place where we could see glittering lights and cars parked side by side . We really thought it was another shopping mall, but to our amazement it was Pagcor Casino. The Children shouted with glee as they imagined themselves inside playing machines . The desk officer told us to leave our cell phones and cameras since it was not allowed. Just like the movie “Casino Royal”, there was a band playing music, people playing cards and people placing bets to hit their luck. The place was bustling with people .After staying for 30 minutes, we decided to leave the place still amazed from the experience we had. That was one of our unforgettable experience in our many travel as a Family.


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