Tips in Choosing a Vaccum Cleaner

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Choosing the right vacuum cleaner can be misleading because there are several companies out there trying to promote their products by means of deceptive and aggressive marketing. There are several new brands and models with different price tags and features, which makes the whole process a lot more harder.

Last month we bought a portable vacuum cleaner from the leading appliance center in our city but we were not satisfied with its performance. After two cleaning sessions, the filter was already damaged. So what are the tips on choosing a vacuum cleaner? Below are major factors to consider :

1. It should provide a better value for money. Features, brand name, product name, bonuses, reviews should be considered only after you know that you are getting your money’s worth. The whole point is to find a vacuum cleaner that serves the purpose and doesn’t die within a year or two

2. It should be energy efficient. Ask the dealer of its wattage and average electric consumption per hour of usage.

3. The height and weight of the vacuum cleaner should also be taken into consideration. Some are quite heavy and these are the types of vacuum cleaners that you should avoid if you are planning on using them on a daily basis. You should also pay attention to the height of the vacuum cleaner in order to avoid backaches.

4. Pay attention to features and availability of spare parts. Ask if a service center of the brand you are buying is available within your area.

5. Last but not the least important piece of advice would be to read the offer documents carefully and inquire about the warranty period.

Please do not be fooled by vacuum cleaners endorsed by celebrities but rather choose products such as Electrolux, Bosch or Miele vacuum cleaners. I hope I have given you some insights.

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