TT : Half a Million was met miraculously!

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” There is no problem too big GOD can not solve it!…. There is no mountain too high He can not move it…” goes the lyrics of a song! Indeed God is a miracle working God and I greatly thank Him for meeting the financial needs of a close friend and an Elder in the Church.

My hubby together with our Pastor were at the Emergency Room when Elder Toto had a stroke. The vital signs were going down so the Neurologist recommended Brain Surgery. She did not promise the operation to be successful . The brethren were there interceding … after 6 hours Elder Toto was brought back at the ICU with good news from the doctor . Praise GOD!

The three week recuperating period estimated by the doctors was downed to one week since he is recovering so fast. We were still on vacation when his wife called us that Elder Toto will be out from the hospital. The big challenge was how to pay the half a Million hospital and doctor’s bill. Woohhh! That was so big! Their resources is not enough! But because GOD is BIGGER than Half Million, He used people to help them financially. The small amount contributed from the brethren and the relatives were still not enough. Ate Zeny was very hopeful until yesterday she was called by her Christian Chinese Employer and was given a very big and considerable amount enough to complete the Half Million. Whew! GOD IS GREAT! GREATER than any problem! Ate Zeny was crying when she called me , I cried too! And…… I am crying now…..

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