How to get a higher Page Rank

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Page Rank ! This is an important element a website owner must have . When I was just starting my blog, I have no knowledge about page ranking until my blog tutor emailed and congratulate me that after two months I have already a page rank of two. It was then, I started to research about it and learn it’s importance to bloggers who are monetizing their sites.

So what is a page rank? According to Wikipedia it is a a link analysis algorithm, named after Larry Page, used by the Google Internet search engine that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyper-linked set of documents, such as the World Wide Web, with the purpose of “measuring” its relative importance within the set.

How does it work? A Page Rank results from a mathematical algorithm based on the graph created by all World Wide Web pages as nodes and hyperlinks. The rank value indicates an importance of a particular page. For example a hyperlink to a page counts as a vote of support. The Page Rank of a page the number and Page Rank metric of all pages that link to it .

How to get a higher page rank? There are many ways to get a higher page rank but the most basic is that your site must get a higher traffic or visibility to have a higher PR. A page that is linked to by many pages with higher PR receives a high rank itself. If there are no links to a web page there is no support for that page.

How I was able to get a PR of 3? I did it with lots of effort like building links with other blogger through exchange links, joining daily memes, hosting and sponsoring contest, blog hopping and posting relevant articles . There are also other ways to get free back links . Have you heard of Voltrank? A friend told me that she got her PR two levels higher through this site. I guess I have to visit their site and see how their link building works.

TT : Campus Ministry

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Iris, the Host of this month’s Thankful Thursday talk about how she’s thankful that she was able to share Jesus to her office mate. Indeed in today’s society, it is really hard to share the Gospel.

Reading her post reminded me of the Bible Study Sessions organized by my son and his friend at school. I thank God for the boldness and the courage in writing the school administration for allowing them to hold bible study inside the campus. God saw their willingness to be the herald of His word that miraculously their request was approved by the Principal . They were given an airconditioned classroom and a regular schedule of one hour every Friday.

For the past two months the attendance of their bible study grew from 6 to 22 students ( 1st yr and 2nd yr sigh school ). Praise God! Now they are planning to invade the 3rd and the 4th yr. Whew! What a bold Step! Congratulations IJ, Jason and Glory Grace!

I also Thank God for the youth teachers ( Joshua, Jhing and Rhea) for responding to the calling and most specially to Pastor John ( my hubby) for the vision of bringing back the Gospel to the campuses of our City.

Lastly to God for making all theses things possible!

Christmas Bonuses

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Christmastime is here. My hubby is teaching a values lesson to a company here in our place. He teaches the employees twice a week and it’s been four months now. Two days ago, he asked them if they will have their Christmas bonuses. They just wish their bonus to be released on time for Christmas. Many of them are working as bread winners of their family and are looking forward to buy even small gifts for their loved ones. I was thinking then if they could just avail a payday loans online. I believe this would be a good news to all of them especially during this season of giving.

Their families are looking forward to spending a family get together with giving of gifts too. That’s one thing you can be sure with families here. The bonding, the closeness and giving would always be present no matter how small it is. That’s why I’m just contemplating if those workers could just avail of a payday loans online then it would be a big blessing for them, their family and their loves ones spending Christmas time together. How I wish the company owners would see this as one important gift they could offer to all their workers. All they could do is partner with a lending agency and the payment for their payday loans online will be automatically deducted from their salary. I guess this would be convenient and beneficial for both parties.