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A month ago our house help complained again of a clogged drainage in the house. It happened thrice already and my hubby seemed annoyed already upon knowing that it happened again. He already told me to have a major renovation of all our plumbing fixtures so we would not worry about it. And I think he’s right about it. This week, we started our much-awaited house renovation. And this time, it’s not only the plumbing that gets the face lift but also our garage, house painting and tiling of our entire house. Wow, it would surely cost us a lot. But we have prepared for this and I am so excited about it.

We told our friends in the States about it and they agreed of our idea for the house renovation. We spent 12 years already in our house and they all believed this is the right time for a house overhaul. They suggested that we would hire a Doraville plumber for our plumbing needs. They can be trusted on this. And I’m thinking of the Chamblee water heater and the Doraville water heater to be installed in our comfort room. It will surely excite our kids. We could have then a relaxing night after a hot shower. Now I’m more excited too seeing everything finished for our house renovation.

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