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Sales leads are often called as lifeblood of a business . A sales lead, is the identity of a human or entity potentially interested in purchasing a product or service, and represents the first stage of a sales process . In other words Sales leads are potential contacts a seller seeks in order to close a deal or agreement for services or supplies. The internet makes the world of business easier through internet marketing. It is very important that every company need to explore all possible online sales lead generation strategy that will work effectively . The more lead a business generates the more its revenue.

If you are looking for more Merchant Processing Leads , Credit Card Processing Leads or Equipment Leasing Leads then Vendorgenie.com is the right place for you. It is s a Boutique Affiliate Network and lead marketplace focusing on Real-Time, Exclusive Sales Leads. I was looking for a possible business online when I stumbled upon their site. They offer Advertisers a one-stop-shop for buying Sales Leads generated by hundreds of Affiliates across multiple channels, including Web, E-Mail, Telemarketing, Face-To-Face and Cross-Sale Opportunities. With one platform, one contract…. any business can have endless possibilities with them . What more? You can be assured that Vendor Genie is a trusted lead network since it is listed on Forbes and Wall Street Journal . Visit their site now and sign-up either an advertiser or an affiliate.

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