Payday Loans on Christmas

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Control my Credit Card! This is one thing I promised my hubby when Idid my Christmas Shopping last week. Was I able to keep my promise? No! The various mall wide sale tempted me to go beyond my budget. Actually, as early as November, I listed down the names and the things I would give to my love-ones and friends.

To cut cost, I even wrapped some items which were given to us last Christmas which were out of size like T-shirt, blouses and shoes . I deleted the names of some of my God children who belong to wealthy family and retain those who have average earning parents. All was set in place until December came… I can not control myself not to give gifts to those who were not on the list like my kids teachers, the school bus drivers, some office mates , close friends and some selected neighbors. I am sure my credit card bill will be a pain but I’ll just save on other expenses to cope up with the bills. How about quick payday loans? Don’t you know that same day payday loans are common this Christmas Season? Yes, online payday loans will be great way to pay my credit card but sadly it is not available in our country. Anyway, I am happy I can put smile on some people for the little token I will give this Christmas!

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