Birth Annoucements

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Are you looking for stylish yet affordable birth announcements ? Pear Tree can do it for you quick and easy! Share your new family addition and introduce your cute little baby to family and friends with them. Visit their site and select among their cute designs. I have just visited the site and recommend the design above for my cousin who is planning to dedicate her little bundle of Joy this Valentines Day. What’ s best with Pear Tree is that you can order in small qualities, no minimum number of prints required. So send your birth announcements with extra special touch through them!

Auto Shipment of Vehicles

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Finding the right car or a van for our family is quite not easy as what I thought. We have been dreaming and praying for a second-hand/used car or van for two years now. We have asked referrals from friends, relatives and church mates as to where we could buy a good second-hand unit to replace our old but yet reliable jeepy. We have it for four years and I would say, through thick and thin. Once we scanned the internet and we taken by surprise by those second hand vans sold in Manila for just the right price we could afford! One problem though we asked ourselves is the availability of any auto shipping company we could hire to transport the van.

Some of our friends encouraged us to visit different shipping companies here in our place and asked if they offer auto shipping that is practical and of course, one that we could afford too. We knew that this would be another additional expense if we decided to buy our van in Manila. We inquired several shipping offices and been informed of the price which is quiet bigger that what we expected. Another thing we should consider is the safety of our unit. Since shipping company here accepts cars, vans, trucks and pick-ups for transport, but it would be loaded together with other things like vegetables, furniture, dry goods and many others.

This gave us second thoughts and we agreed to find one good unit only here in our place. Thanks to the help of our friends, we have now our second hand van that is not only cheap but also works very, very well. Maybe in the future, if we decide to buy a car or a van in Manila, we have to consider a land trip that will take us around four days of travel. That is one exciting thing to do!

John Maxwell Million Leaders Mandate

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For the past 6 years, my hubby and I together with some leaders of our church are consistently attending this Million Leader’s Mandate ” Train the Trainer”. Their are only two venues in the Philippines for the training this year. Manila and Cagayan de Oro City.

If you are with-in the area, take this rare opportunity to be trained by Equip International. Registration is only P 100 with Free Lunch for two days. See you there!