Sweet Potato for Weight Loss?

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Sweet Potato instead Rice! This is what we are planning to include in our diet this year. By Monday we will start eating Sweet Potato instead of rice every dinner. Sweet Potato or “ Kamote” in our native language is rich in Vitamin A ((betacarotene) and Vitamin C. Both Vitamins A and C are powerful antioxidants that work in the body to remove free radicals. It has a high fiber content and a good colon cleanser. It is beneficial for low blood pressure and helps stabilize blood sugar level.

Talking about the benefit of sweet Potato reminds me of the most effective weight loss diet pills my friend recommended. I wan to try it too! I hope I can get an approval from my hubby to use this diet pill.

Customized Laptop

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Have you heard of custom laptops ? It sounds not familiar with me. I have my laptop but the idea of having it customized is something new to me. Well, honestly I am a bit curious what it would look like if I have mine customized to what I want it to look like! Custom laptops are sure hit ideas, which are just new if not,yet here in our place .I have seen laptops decorated with various colored skin covers and casing like the one above but I have not seen a customized laptop yet.

I Need Receipt Printer

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This would be a great idea for our church. I think that I would include this in our next leaders’ meeting and that is to purchase a receipt printer for monetary purposes and records too. As the church secretary and finance disbursement officer , I often would be tasked to receive large amount of money from our daughter churches and donations and love gifts from abroad. Receipt printers would be a lot of help in tracking monetary transaction.