Beautifying our House

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This is our dream coming true. We’re into renovating our house. Me and my hubby planned for this last year but we have to be sure of our budget. It’s not quite easy though going through a lot of disarranging the living room , kitchen table, beds, cabinets, the furniture and other things in the house. But it’s all worth the hard labor and sacrifice. The first one to be replaced was our wooden jalousies! Can you believe that? But we did have it for 10 years. It’s a remembrance from the first year we transferred to our house with our one-year-old boy.

Next was the garage. We already planned to put a roof over the garage since our car was parked for four years without any shade, rain or shine. We often would run towards our house from the garage so as not to get wet with rain showers. Summer would also be a punishment to our car. It would be exposed to the heat of the sun. Wow, how time goes by and after buying an AUV from a friend, at last we have a roof over our garage. Next to that was the kitchen area, the children’s bedroom and the master’s bedroom.

We intend to buy new CABINET DOORS for our kitchen cabinets. My brother who’s a sort of a jack-of-all-trade made for us the KITCHEN CABINET DOORS but it’s now partly destroyed. That is one thing I really would like to be replaced. I want our kitchen to be neat and clean. Our kid’s have UNFINISHED CABINET DOORS and we also want it completed. That’s what I’m excited nowadays. Upon this writing, I was just taking a break from painting our room. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be part of beautifying your house.

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