Raining and Freezing Vacation

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This site will turn 2 years by next month . To bring my blogging to a higher level, I have created a travel site titled ” Here, There and Everywhere”… it’s a diary of our family travels, the places we want to go and everything needed in between.

I started posting from our first travel as husband and wife to the latest family travels. It’s a joy to bring back those moments of fun with my hubby and kids. Last night I started to brows travel sites to see the top most travel destination. I stumbled a site which features Hoseasons Hengar Manor Country Park . I have heared about this site from our friends who are now working in United Kingdom as missionaries and health workers. As I browsed through it’s pages, I was reminded with our Baguio vacation to years ago. The scenery and the accommodation reminded me with our nature trekking. How I wish to be back there this summer. The last time were there was raining and freezing . As much as I wanted to enjoy, I was not able to explore the tourist spots because of the heavy rain. So bad that my vacation ended with a flu.

Car Leasing

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We are all very excited for our family vacation this first week of April. This trip has been planned since last year. We were not able to have a break during the kids vacation due to various appointments of my husband. Now this trip is all ironed-out except for our transportation. I am still on the process of looking for a cheaper car leasing company which allow self-drive . We are planning to go have a land trip from Manila to Baguio. I already purchased a map for the 12- hour trip. I tried lots of car leasing company but due to the recent crime which involves car dealers and their prospect buyers, most of the company does not allow self-drive rentals. I am calling my blogger friends out there if the can recommend me to their friends who have extra cars. We are willing to negotiate rentals for 5 days. Please leave a comment to my site or email me. Thank you so much!

My Diary

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I supposed to write on my Diary today but as I have mentioned in my previous post my hands got tired from washing clothes . An idea popped up my mind to continue my diary in my laptop. I finished my journal in minutes.It’s fast but nothing beats writing my thoughts in my diary. It’s more personal and more fulfilling to do. My diary is my way of talking to God. It is where I express my praise, my gratitude and my prayers to Him. There are thoughts so deep , so personally and spiritual that it’s not fitting to be publish it my blog sites… so it is in my diary where I write it. Do you have one?

Tired hand washing clothes

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After our 45 min cardio exercise and after cooling down and resting for an hour, I did some hand washing of our clothes There was just 10 light material clothes but I felt so tired washing them. Was it because I haven’t done hand washing for a long time already? Was I just being exhausted with our exercise? Or am I too old now? Lol …..

The Danger of Accutane

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I heard many times from TV and health magazines about the drug Accutane. Some say it is very effective but I also read other reviews which are negative in nature. I asked my brother who is a physician but he’s not so familiar with it since he’s an internist.

I did a little research about the powerful drug used in the treatment of acne called Accutane. Four to five months of Accutane treatment usually leads to clearing of acne. According to one site I have visited , it is a potent medication that is very effective for nearly all types of facial breakouts. But why is it that their are many accutane lawsuit filed in courts? Because it has been reported to cause major side effects like depression and thoughts of suicide, birth defects for pregnant women , migraine and many more.

Now that I know the danger of accutane I am now careful in buying pimples treatment cream for my son. I need to search the internet first for reviews before purchasing it. Safety of the product is equally important as its effectivity!