Be a Herald!

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God moved tremendously during the post Valentine Concert sponsored by Band of Brothers and Femmes for Jesus of the Blessed Hope Christian Community Church In’tl. ( BHCCCI) . The annual event focused on the the need of our young people today to have the right perspective and knowledge in choosing priorities in life.

Glory to God the activity was well attended. Around 1000 Students and young professional crowded our sanctuary. Some were contented standing since all seats were taken. The messages of the emcees and the singers, the video and dances were all powerful. Everyone stood up and gave their life to God when the challenge was given. Some cried but most of them raised their arms while accepting Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

Thank you God for what you did last night. Thank you also to all the participants and the core group who planned and implemented the program. It is high time for us to be radical in our commitment to God. Just like the Persian ministry I read on the internet who are zealously flaming Christian revival in the middle east, we must all be burning with faith knowing that the harvest are already ripe and plenty. Let us all be a herald of God’s Word. Soar up High!

Not Happy with my Picture

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As I was uploading pictures for out recently finished Concert, I can not help but notice my bulging figure. To be honest, I didn’t upload all of my pictures in our ” True Love Waits” Facebook account because I am not happy looking at my shots. How I wished I wore black T-shirt instead of red! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Can you recommend any fda approved diet pills for me? A weight loss pill that’s not only cheap but already proven and with-out side effect. I appreciate if you leave a comment.

To be in the top 5

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My son is burning his midnight candle almost every night. Being an academic scholar, he is doing his best to maintain his scholarship ( he’s targeting to be in the top 5 ) by studying his lessons and doing research works . His study time are extended until midnight and even early hour in the morning. Due to stress and lack of sleep, pimples are slowly appearing on his forehead . Can you recommend me the best acne treatment in case these pimples will turn into acne ? Do you have home remedy for pimples?

Uploading TLW Pictures

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It’s 2:30 a.m. right now but I am still wide awake! Not because of my online job deadlines but because of uploading pictures for our TLW face book account. Our Church TRUE LOVE WAITS Concert was a successful one. Just 25 minutes after the concert, young people were flooding to our FB account requesting for pictures and I can not help but give in to their request. I am sure I will have dark circles around my eyes by tomorrow.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who watched the concert. To all the singers, instrumentalist, dancers, artist and BHCCCI youth … you did a good job. Your labor in the Lord is not in vain!