My X-ray Result

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A friend was able to read my post on Thankful Thursday and she expressed her concern about me. She asked more about Solitary Pulmonary Nodule since last year the same kind of nodule was found in her x-ray but her doctor did not recommend an oblique x-ray just like what I undergo 2 weeks ago.

SPNs are fairly common abnormalities on chest x-ray images.Nearly one of every 500 chest x-rays shows a newly diagnosed SPN. Sixty percent of all SPNs are benign. In certain geographical areas where there are infectious agents especially fungi that cause SPNs, the percentage of benign SPNs increases remarkably . Malignant SPNs may be primary Stage I lung cancer tumors or metastases from other parts of the body.

I greatly thank God that the suspicious SPN in my lower left lung around 1cm in diameter was no longer seen on the second X-ray. My brother who is a physician told me that what was seen maybe was cartilage or phlegm. Thank God nothing was really wrong with my lungs. Talking about this reminds me of tramadol no prescription site I once stumbled in the internet. Actually, I went to the doctor to complain about my backpain. I read about tramadol no prescription many times from the post of other bloggers, I learned that the medicine is a famous pain reliever in the US. That many Americans buy tramadol no prescription from various online drugstores for convenience. As for me, I do not need this medicine for my backpain since it was gone after taking a local oral intake of muscle pain reliever.

Now I am very careful of my health after that X-ray findings. I am back with my taebo and cardio exercise. I am also extra careful with my diet – less carbohydrate and high in protein. I make sure to sleep 8 hours and drink 8 glasses a day. I have a list of my healthy Resolution. I will post it next time.

Dreaming to have Ford Expedition someday!

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My hubby is quite a hands-on guy. He likes to do minor repairs at home on his own. It’s an accomplishment for him, he said to me. Well, I like it that way. I also admire his dedication to learn and do things with great care. Just like our newly acquired SUV. It’s a second-hand unit but we find it very much in a good condition and so bought it at a reasonable price from a friend.

Our ride is a Mitsubishi Adventure and it brought excitement to our family knowing that we have been praying to buy even a second-hand unit to replace our old car, a Nissan. But my husband expressed his desire to buy a brand new Ford Expedition when we can have enough funds. As for the moment, my hubby is so excited replacing our SUV’s Timing Belt and Water Pump to ensure a smooth running condition of our unit.

I really understand his passion in taking care of our ride since he wants us all to be safe when using it. Last Valentine’s day, we traveled for an hour and a half to a famous resort and spent a whole day enjoying the benefits of riding with comfort on our SUV.

Lung Nodule in my X-ray

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I testified about this last night during our Mid-week prayer meeting But I want to mention it today since it is THANKFUL THURSDAY.

My Chest X-ray report shown a suspicious nodule of about 1 cm in my left lower Lung when I went to the doctor 3 weeks ago. I did a little research about Solitary Pulmonary Nodule and I was afraid upon learning that SPN can be cancerous. Doctors treat them as Cancerous unless otherwise proven wrong. I was really troubled upon knowing it. I was advised to undergo second X-ray ( lateral and obligue) after a week. I learned a lot of things during the 7 days of waiting. The value of life, friendship, the ministry,the people around you and most of all how to be a steward of our body. God’s presence during that 7 days of waiting was so real and sweet.

Thank God that the suspicious SPN was no longer there in the 2nd X-ray. I believe it was removed by God . Thank you so much Lord. Now I can sleep well and be at peace knowing that there’s nothing wrong with my lungs and my whole system.

Looking for School Lockers for PTA Project

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I must admit, I am not active in the Parents-Teachers’ Association activities at school before. As a career woman and a busy mother, I find it hard to squeeze in extra time attending meetings and participate with group discussions. In one occasion where I was able to attend one session, the group assigned me a task to look for suitable and practical wall lockers for the children as part of the PTA’s project.
I did not hesitate to do it since I’m a bit embarrassed by my inactive status in the association. I am also familiar with this assignment since I have worked as a Project coordinator for a big construction company in our city. My 17 years of experience brought me to be familiar with construction ideas and other things related to building structures and facilities. I would also have to contact my friends at work and ask for reliable sources of quality yet affordable lockers for sale.

And for his task they gave me, I would look for school lockers for sale that would suit the budget allotted for this project. It’s a way of my contribution to the school and to the organization. I know my kids would be happy knowing that I have shared my time helping the school. And I would make it sure that this project will push through so that my children can benefit too.