Continuous Ink Supply

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If you wish to have unlimited photo printing then convert your printer ink into a continuous ink supply system or better known as the ” Dextrose Type”. It will save you up to 90% compared to buying ink cartridge which will last printing no more than 10 pages of photo printing. I tried it at home and it is still working satisfactorily for 2 years now. So convert your printer now!

How to know if the Immigration Agency is bogus or not

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Is it safe to apply for a Visa through an Immigration Agency online? A friend asked my opinion regarding this matter since she was required to pay a considerable amount for the processing of her employment VISA. She already passed the online skills assessment and she’s already at the last step of the processing. She’s afraid she might be scammed ! I just told her to search the internet for reviews and testimonies.It is the only way to know if the agency is bogus or not.

Booked 6 tickets at P 25 !

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Thanks to Cebu Pacific Airlines Promo last Friday. We were able to get a round trip ticket for 6 persons at only P25.00 each ( one-way) . I saw it coming since the airline always offer promo every special holidays like Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentines… etc. So last Friday I kept their website open because it’s the 25th year anniversary of Edsa Revoluton. As early as now I am doing my best to save our Travel Money for the hotel accommodation, food and of course shopping!

So watch out for the Graduation Promo last week of March! Don’t be left behind!