Dreaming to have Ford Expedition someday!

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My hubby is quite a hands-on guy. He likes to do minor repairs at home on his own. It’s an accomplishment for him, he said to me. Well, I like it that way. I also admire his dedication to learn and do things with great care. Just like our newly acquired SUV. It’s a second-hand unit but we find it very much in a good condition and so bought it at a reasonable price from a friend.

Our ride is a Mitsubishi Adventure and it brought excitement to our family knowing that we have been praying to buy even a second-hand unit to replace our old car, a Nissan. But my husband expressed his desire to buy a brand new Ford Expedition when we can have enough funds. As for the moment, my hubby is so excited replacing our SUV’s Timing Belt and Water Pump to ensure a smooth running condition of our unit.

I really understand his passion in taking care of our ride since he wants us all to be safe when using it. Last Valentine’s day, we traveled for an hour and a half to a famous resort and spent a whole day enjoying the benefits of riding with comfort on our SUV.

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