Looking for School Lockers for PTA Project

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I must admit, I am not active in the Parents-Teachers’ Association activities at school before. As a career woman and a busy mother, I find it hard to squeeze in extra time attending meetings and participate with group discussions. In one occasion where I was able to attend one session, the group assigned me a task to look for suitable and practical wall lockers for the children as part of the PTA’s project.
I did not hesitate to do it since I’m a bit embarrassed by my inactive status in the association. I am also familiar with this assignment since I have worked as a Project coordinator for a big construction company in our city. My 17 years of experience brought me to be familiar with construction ideas and other things related to building structures and facilities. I would also have to contact my friends at work and ask for reliable sources of quality yet affordable lockers for sale.

And for his task they gave me, I would look for school lockers for sale that would suit the budget allotted for this project. It’s a way of my contribution to the school and to the organization. I know my kids would be happy knowing that I have shared my time helping the school. And I would make it sure that this project will push through so that my children can benefit too.

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