Lung Nodule in my X-ray

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I testified about this last night during our Mid-week prayer meeting But I want to mention it today since it is THANKFUL THURSDAY.

My Chest X-ray report shown a suspicious nodule of about 1 cm in my left lower Lung when I went to the doctor 3 weeks ago. I did a little research about Solitary Pulmonary Nodule and I was afraid upon learning that SPN can be cancerous. Doctors treat them as Cancerous unless otherwise proven wrong. I was really troubled upon knowing it. I was advised to undergo second X-ray ( lateral and obligue) after a week. I learned a lot of things during the 7 days of waiting. The value of life, friendship, the ministry,the people around you and most of all how to be a steward of our body. God’s presence during that 7 days of waiting was so real and sweet.

Thank God that the suspicious SPN was no longer there in the 2nd X-ray. I believe it was removed by God . Thank you so much Lord. Now I can sleep well and be at peace knowing that there’s nothing wrong with my lungs and my whole system.

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  1. Alleluia! May God continue to bless you with good health!
    BTW, I came over from Thankful Thursday, although a little late 🙂

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