Valentine’s Day

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Are you ready for Valentines Day? Do you have the Idea now how to spend the day with your special someone?
My hubby kept on asking me last night on how will we spent our Valentine’s Day. Because the day falls on Monday , he suggested that we will go out for a two day escapade in one of the best hotel and beach resort in the city. Sharing a dinner over a glass of white wine watching the sunset would be very romantic. I guess I’ll go with his idea.
If you do not have plans yet why not make a romantic dinner at home together? This is perfect for couples who doesn’t have children yet and are too busy to go out . Experiment on new menu to cook. Put on a nice tablecloth, candles, and fire up some romantic music to round out the night.
How about leave a trail of flower petals to surprise your partner and create notes along the stops ? Lol! My hubby did it once Ten years ago … he went home early while I was still on overtime for a rush work in the office. I was really surprise when I got home.
How would you spend your V-day? Share it with me…

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