Birthday Party

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Holding a birthday party for your kids nowadays is very expensive. During my time, a tray of cake and a gallon of Ice Cream would be enough . I grew up as a conservative Adventist and birthdays are not celebrated lavishly. It’s enough that we could offer prayer of thanksgiving together as a family with an extra special dinner at home. We were hard-up financially during my younger years as all of my 5 older brothers were in college that is why we could not spend a big amount just for a night festivity.

Nowadays most birthdays are celebrated with themes and parties . Just like two weeks ago, I attended a pirate party… It was fun and the kids enjoyed the party. The birthday celebrator enjoyed his a.k.a. johnny Depp attire.

My kids are very lucky to have us as their parents since from one year old till Ten year old, we celebrated their birthdays with a party, either at home or at the restaurant. Now that they are older, they prefer more of a cash conversion of the party expenses with a family simple get together .

Going to Driving School

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A friend who’s going to marry next month with a foreigner wanted to enroll in a driving school. I encouraged here to do so and get an international driver’s license as well . Learning how to drive is a basic skill you need to have when going abroad. ” Who knows you will be driving luxury cars someday like my dreamed BMW UK “… I told her… Nelgin just laugh ! But seriously we discussed the need and she is willing to enroll in a driving school next week and hopefully get an international driving license.

Funny and Ironic ! I was advising her to learn to drive while I do not know how to drive yet. Actually, I know a little but I am really afraid to go out on the public road and drive our new SUV adventure. With the undisciplined drivers and unreliable traffic rules we have in our city, I am really afraid to drive. Anyway, my hubby’s always at my side to drive the kids to school, take me to the beauty salon and go with me with my shopping. This way, I am stress free ! What do you think of this arrangement?