Follow Material Specification

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Since Friday , images and videos of the devastating killer Tsunami are all over the internet, newspaper and TV. I have just visited the Operation Blessing International website to get some data for office communication and once again the homepage focused on their relief operation in Japan. My attention was caught to a building which withstand the 8.9M earthquake. I am sure the steel building was built complete with metal cladding. If not of Japan’s advanced construction technology, the damage would be far greater than what they had now.

Being a Civil Engineer by profession, I advised those who are planning to construct your home or any structure to strictly purchase the material specifications and follow the standard work procedure.

Blogger to Word Press

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Thank God my other two blogger accounts were already transferred to Word Press. Big thanks to Mommy Ruby for the hard work. Now I am slowly learning to navigate my dashboard. I had a hard time understanding word press since I was used to blogger for two years now. I need tutorials and free WP Template.

I wish to migrate also the website I created for our church (Our old site created by a Professional Web Designer was hacked two years ago ) but I am apprehensive since I am still learning Word Press. What do you think? Do I need to Outsourced IT support for this site. To be honest I am not satisfied with my design. Any recommendation? Please leave me a comment.