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Whew! Finally I am getting used to my new word press blog.For the first week I have been struggling with the dashboard . Thanks to my blogger friends who patiently taught me with the dashboard navigation.Lately I added widgets like twitter and facebook. Thanks to vistaprint, I was able to embed the latest codes. My greatest challenge is how to gain more followers. That means I have to spent more time blog hopping for the nest ten days. I hope you can be my follower too!

The Ladies Circle

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The spell of food almost hit everyone. We just at times couldn’t resist the lure of sumptuous meals. Our church activities oftentimes have these occasions where we have to attend birthdays, wedding anniversaries, child dedication and christening and many other events that include a bountiful offering of food. Yes, the “battle of the bulge” is always engaged.

I belonged to a women’s care group in our church, “Ladies’ Circle” and one of the hot topics we discussed is weight loss. Many of my colleagues have their weights shoot up and they could not just easily burn those extra calories and fats. Bulging tummies and baby fats oftentimes solicit laughter, encouragement and suggestions as to what Weight loss pills that work fast is best for those who are trying hard to lose those extra weight.