Birthday Vacation

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This Monday is my hubby’s birthday! Thank God for his grace and mercy and for another fruitful year ahead. To celebrate God’s faithfulness in our lives ,we planned to have an out-of-town vacation on his birthday. Awhile ago, I was browsing for country cottages type accommodation. I hope to find a place away from the heart of the city of Davao. Any suggestion please?

Scorching Hot !

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Since it’s summer here in our place, people are flocking to Log Cabin Holidays somewhere in the mountain part of our province. A friend called me up just this morning and asked for some tips since they are going to Dahilayan Adventure Park. We have been there last month and now it’s their turn to spend their family vacation in the place. Really, the heat is scorching hot these days!

Church Renovation

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We have just discussed the construction of the new Comfort Room for men in our church and what came to my mind are the fixtures to be installed. The Comfort room includes to showers, three urinals and two water closet. That would be enough to serve the congregation of men in our church.

I was reminded also of our planned renovation of our comfort room. I told my hubby how I really want to have a separate shower and hot tub in it. And ohhh, those hot tub cover will come in handy and elegant. I could just see my husband smiling to me when I mentioned it. And of course, I want a new water closet and other fixtures too in our comfort room.

Wedding in Pink

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Congratulations to JACKIE and JUNIE for the memorable wedding this afternoon. I specially love the portion in the ceremony where the couple paid tribute to their respective parents. Tears started to flow in my eyes when the groom cried as he expressed his gratefulness to his mother . The more I cried when the bride thanked his step-father who stood by her side and took the responsibility of raising her on behalf of his biological father. It was such a ceremony full of emotions.

By the way, please ignore the date on the pictures. The one who used my camera was not able to set the date . Anyway, the church and the reception venue looks like a barbie – themed party because of it’s color motif of Pink.