My Necklace Snatcher Locked At the Jail

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The snatcher inside the Police Station Jail

My snatched necklace at the pawnshop

As I have relayed in my previous post, I was a victim of robbery 5 days ago. My necklace was snatched as I was riding a public utility vehicle. Three male factor boarded the jeepney around 9 o’clock in the morning . I was texting my hubby that time , sensing the danger I immediately hide my cellphone inside my bag… but it was too late, one of them snatched my necklace and tried to grabbed my bag. Thank God, the passenger in front of me push the snatcher away , thus they were not able to get my bag with a considerable money inside.

Around 1 pm, I got a call from the police station and asked my verification of a young man they just abducted due to another snatching incident. Positively , I identified the male as the one who snatched my necklace. He then admitted to the crime and relayed to us how and where they pawn my jewelry. He admitted that he was under the influence of drugs together with his 5 other friends when they did the crime. He begged not to file criminal case against him but my hubby , the police chief encouraged me to do it . I hope he has learned his lesson and will be willing to undergo drug rehabilitation just like Drug Rehab in Florida. Yes, Florida Drug Rehab offer individual therapy, group therapy, art therapy and other healthy options for an individual to recover from addiction. I hope our government will take a look at Drug Rehab Florida and make it a good example for our rehabilitation centers here.

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