My necklace was snatched! My bag with 50thou money inside!

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Its past midnight but I can’t wait for tomorrow to make a brief post of my experience this day.

My Gold Necklace was snatched while inside a public Utility Jeepney in broad daylight ( around 9:00 am) ! Three young men suddenly boarded the vehicle and instantly snatched my necklace. One tried to get my bag (with a 50thou money ready to be deposited to the bank) but miraculously they were not able to get it. It split seconds they jumped off and walk-away ( yes… they didn’t run…just walk..) with my precious and treasured necklace.

I went to the nearby police station and they immediately responded to my complaint. We roamed around the area in their mobile vehicle but we didn’t find them. End of the story…….

No! Around 1pm, the police station called and requested me to drop by their office to identify the person they apprehended for another snatching incident. Positively it was him… and confessed that my necklace was already pawned at a nearby pawnshop.

Was I able to get the necklace? Was their a connivance between the pawnshop and the snatchers?That’s another story for tomorrow….

( This is my entry of Wordfull Wednesday)

2 thoughts on “My necklace was snatched! My bag with 50thou money inside!

  1. suspense kau uy!..hehehe! Is this the same necklace nang na murag hapit na snatch before? murag naka basa ko ato..

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