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Earth day is Thursday, April 22. This is the best time to work on going green and doing things that can save the earth. I have simple tips that can help save the environment. You can surely reduce your bio footprint as well as save yourself some money on every day products and services.

1. Shut down or unplug your electronics. Buy a power strip, so that you can turn many things off at once by using it.
2. Do your laundry in cold water. It will reduce your energy bills as well as reducing your carbon emissions. Clothing that are light may be hand washed.
3. Use filtered tap water instead of water bottles. Recycle the filters after a few months of use to help the environment even more.
4. Try to exchange used clothes instead of buying new. I haven’t tried this but I am planning to gather my friends and relatives to have a swapping party. I am thinking to include dvds, cds or books .
5. There are also sites where you can just sell your products for cash, such as, and
6. Use refurbished electronics. Refurbished electronics often sell for less than half of the original price. You may want to make sure warranties are still in place. This could reduce the amount of products sent to landfills.
7. Use products make of recycled materials. Many kitchenware products are made from recycled products . Use your green bags when shopping.

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