Going Gaga over Gagaville?

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When the world went gaga over Farmville, I am one of those few who find it to be just a waste of time. I am not fascinated with the game… the planting of crops, building your home, buying animals and begging for help from neighbors. Maybe, I am just a radical realist … I am not into some make believe online games. Even with films, I am more into realistic movies like police stories, drama, comedy… not so with science fiction .

Now back to Farmville, I have heard that Lady Gaga is now in partnership with the facebook gaming giant – the GAGAVILLE. I am sure this will be another hit as gamers will have exclusive access in Farmville to songs from the artists’s new album “Born This Way” before the album is released later in the month.

Curious ? Watch it;s unveiling this May 17.

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