HTC Virgin : The Most desirable Cellphone for 2011

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My hubby have been secretly wanting to buy and own a brand new cellphone. His old one has a damaged screen due to an accident. I can sensed his eagerness to buy but he just brushed aside the idea since we still have to pay the full amount of our house and lot which is due this month. I know he understood when I told him that we have to save for the house mortgage and that we have to be wise in our spending.

During his birthday, he told me that he wanted to buy a biking shoes. I gave him just enough to buy one but still I knew that what he really wants was a new cellphone. I have one in mind upon seeing the htc virgin mobile cell-phones. I think it would be a great idea for me to surprise him with a product that has the same functionality and features. Hmmm…at the right time of course.

3 thoughts on “HTC Virgin : The Most desirable Cellphone for 2011

  1. Ow! HTC! That's a good choice for mobile phones. Kinda expensive though.

    Belated Happy birthday to your husband.

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