I’ll be on the court tomorrow for a trial… Please pray…

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Tomorrow at Eight o’clock, I will be sitting on the witness stand at Regional Trial Court Branch 4, Cagayan de Oro City. This is my first time to be in the court and I’m kind of excited and at the same time a little bit apprehensive of the trial. Although the subpoena says PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES versus PAUL CABARABAN.. but I am the main witness because I was the victim of the robbery ( Click here for the story)

This is one experience I will never forget in my life…. tonight I am going to review the Affidavit so that everything written in it will be consistent with what I will say. I pray God will give me the wisdom for tomorrow’s hearing.

3 thoughts on “I’ll be on the court tomorrow for a trial… Please pray…

  1. Good thing the culprit caught by the police. I've read the story and I was sorry for the incident. It only means that it's not safe in your place but at least an action took place after the incident. I hope the hearing went well tomorrow. Good luck in the court. Justice will prevail for a victims like you.

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